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An Intelligent Approach to Scent
Revolutionary Technology
Engineered to produce high-quality, consistent ambient fragrance, our proprietary, first-of-its-kind Intelligent Scent system makes experiential branding precise, monitored, and intelligent.
App Enabled
As well as communicating with our centralized command center, our technology "talks" with you, too. Using your Smartphone or other hand held mobile device, you can manage and monitor scent levels across all the locations of your organization.
Centralized Command Center
To deliver intelligent scent, our system connects, via the web, to our integrated, global network. This enables each fixture to “talk” to our centralized command center. We are able to see and fine-tune scent fixtures remotely with data tracking capabilities, measure fragrance output and monitor predictable service cycles. The result: your fragrance never runs out.
Operational Ease
The operational hassles of non-intelligent fixtures are a thing of the past. Your fragrance levels are not only monitored by our system but proactively maintained by our crews as well. The net result: precise scent levels across all the locations of your organization. And equally as important, your fragrance never runs out.
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